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    Taro tubers - $.50/minimum 10
  • Soursop seeds (Annona muricata) – 5 seeds/ $3
  • (Brassica oleracea)     A heirloom Kale known for it's curly/frilled edges of its leaves. The variety of kale most commonly used to make kale chips. Has good tolerance to cold weather and to heat. Slow to bolt (go to seed when too hot) 50-67 days
  • (Zea Mays) Blue Hopi Corn. Maize dating back to the Hopi Nation of southwestern region of the Americas. This corn is generally grown to make tortilla corn ships. It's a beautiful decorative/ornamental maize as well.  75 to 90 Days.
  • Moringa Seeds – 10 seeds/$5
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    Garden Egg (Solanum aethiopicum gilo) seeds – 1 gram/$7 (approximately 50 seeds)
  • Managu (Solanum scabrum) (edible African nightshade - kenyan) Seeds – 1 grams /$5 (approx. 75-100 seeds)
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    Palava/Jute/Jew’s Mallow/Malakya seeds (Corchorus olitorius) – 1 gram/$5 (approx. 50-75 seeds)  
  • Spider flower plant seeds (Cleome gynandra) – 1 gram/$5 A drought and heat tolerate crop. Its leaves are edible, with a pungent mustard flavor. Prepare by sauteing or boiling.
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    Nigerian Spinach/Lagos spinach/fotete celosia – 1 gram/$5 (approximately 100 seeds) A delicacy in Nigeria and parts of West Africa. Nigerian spinach grows about 7' to 8' tall. Plants are long and spindly, can be planted a foot apart. The leaves can be eaten and cooked like spinach. Produces a beautiful fusia flower plume, when the pink flower turns white, the seeds inside the flower are ready to be collected. Can serve as an edible ornamental plant.
  • Amaranth/Callaloo seeds

    Amaranth/Callaloo – 1 gram/$5 (approximately 100 seeds)
  • 1000 head kale is an heirloom variety of kale8. It dates back to at least 19th century seed houses in France, believed to be sourced from Kings Seed, England. Our father was introduced to this variety while he was working in Kenya. It is the most common and popular green and variety grown in Kenya, referred to as Kisuma Wiki or suma wiki in Kiswahili. This variety is a flatter leaf kale, that stays tender throughout its giant growth, where leaves can grow up to 3 feet long.
  • Gboma

    (Solanum macrocarpon) Gboma or African Eggplant is a cousin of  traditional eggplants, native to West Africa, most likely the Ewe regions of West Africa, where it gets it's name.
  • Scotch Bonnet Peppers - Antilles variety - a hot flavorful pepper. Will produce yellow fruits that will change to green and red the longer they ripen on the vine. Seeds are treated.
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    (Abelmoschus esculentus 'Essoumtem') Essoumtem produces a short and 'stubby', slightly ribbed and light green pod. It starts to bear fruit 65-70 days from transplant.
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    (Hibiscus sabdariffa) Hibiscus, Roselle, Sorrel, Bissap is an African native plant (east and west Africa) that can be used as fiber but is more commonly used for its calyxes (flowers) that are used to make a refreshing maroon beverage. The young leaves can be steamed or sauteed and the outer calyxes are used to make a refreshing tea. Start as soon as the last frost comes, it takes about 4 to 6 months for the calayxes to grow and mature.