About Carter Brothers Farm

Carter Brothers is the 12th generation of the McIntosh, Walker, White, Shirley, Carter family. We are the sixth generation of Shirley’s/Carter’s on our 100+ acre century farm in Orange County, Virginia. Since 1910 our family has stewarded this plot of tatum red clay.

Carter Brothers focuses on environmental sustainability, productivity and sharing with our fellow youth of the multitude of benefits of working the land, especially with family. We grew up in Ghana, West Africa, where our love of the land and the environment was fostered. We assisted our family in working (more like playing, but we accept the power to define that relationship) with our family managing farms in five regions in Ghana.

When we returned back to the U.S. we noticed we were not eating the same foods we enjoyed and cherished in Ghana. As we inquired about it, we took the initiative to grow those vegetables we loved. (Unfortunately not mango and paya (avocado)).

Some of Our Products

Now we are offering these healthy and nutritious foods to you, via Carter Brothers seeds and plants. Order from us, your stomach will thank you.